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CEVISU is a digital marketing and communication company whose aim is to provide IT solutions to human problems. We believe that the digitalization of companies is a major current challenge.

Our services

We believe that the creation and proper use of the digital tools we use on a daily basis is a major challenge.

Growing and work with various companies from different sectors, we have noticed similar malfunctions.

To tackle these, we are proud to offer the following services


We offer the creation of custom-made website, whether it is a showcase site, e-commerce site or any other project.


We offer you multi-media communication plans in order to make your company shine and improve proximity with your customers.

Google AdWords

We take care of your Google AdWords advertising campaigns to reach as many customers as possible to see the services and products you offer.


Today, companies are neglecting this vital sector. We offer to test your company and increase awareness of good safety practices among your employees


In a trusting relationship, we offer the maintenance of your digital tools. Keep your websites up to date, secure and protected.

Advertising - Social Media

We suggest that you setting up advertising campaigns on social media in order to make your brand shine and meet new customers quickly.

Digitize your business

We are aware that each company is different, in its vision, services, clients and objectives.

Digitalization is the common characteristic to all of them. Through it you can bring potential prospects to find you, to see the services and products you offer, with the aim of reaching new customers.


Choose your media

The first step is to choose which way to appear on the internet: Showcase site ? E-commerce website ? Blog ? Forum ? Intranet ?

We will design together your website, the functionalities it must have in order to simplify your life as much as possible.

Appealing to your customers

The second step is to define your visual identity, your graphic charter that will allow your customers to recognize you in the blink of an eye.

The visual identity of your brand is of outstanding importance. For your website users to have the best possible experience, they need to feel immersed in the your brand’s world.

For this, we define together the graphic design that your website will need.


Fulfill your goals

In order for your customers to find you, it is essential to be well referenced and to set up advertising campaigns.

The advertising media are very varied, you can choose to appear on the first google results, or choose to communicate on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Whatever your objectives (brand awareness, increasing online sales, increasing the number of visitors to your establishment…) we will find a suitable advertising response.

“A constant willingness to help.”

“We must acknowledge the high quality of the work offered to us at all times, with great professionalism and a permanent willingness to help solving the different problems that may arise throughout the process, always receiving our requests in a friendly tone and empathetic to what we wanted. We appreciate your efforts and we are more than satisfied with the result of your work. We see great potential in this venture.”


Antoine Bertoncini, CBT CEO




Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Emarking in a new adventure and investing money in IT support is often complex.
We offer ready-made solutions so that it takes you less time and you can focus on your business. 

Why should I create a website?

A website allows you to offer a customer service platform, promote your brand and give it more visibility. It also allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition by giving a professional image of your business.

Why entrust my project to young entrepreneurs?

Young entrepreneurs offer an innovative vision, a real attention to detail, an energetic approach while remaining sensitive to the evolving trends of the web.

What do you bring more than the others?

We are committed to bringing a younger and more innovative vision of digital marketing, continuous support and quality customer service while offering prices 2 to 3 times cheaper than the market.

We work with joy and cheerfulness to help you achieve your goals.

Why advertise online?

Advertising has become essential in order to make people discover your services / products when they need them. Returns on investment are very fast.

Why raise awareness about cybersecurity?

IT security represents several million euros in losses every year. Attacks are usually made via your employees who are not trained to detect them.

Why digitalize?

Digitalisation has become the core issue of every company’s war.

It is essential that any company can develop a business through digitalisation.

This generally makes it possible to increase the number of customers and to gain in efficiency in your daily life.

Showcase Website & Referencing

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E-commerce Websites & Referencing

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Advertising - Google Ads and Facebook Ads

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